Jan Peppler, Ph.D.

Scholar of Stories, Dr. of Myth and Depth Psychology

Stories help us make sense of our lives: they provide us with a lens for understanding our experiences and considering new possibilities. Stories connect us to ourselves, to each other, and to the world. 

"We need images and stories to help us see who we are and who we might become." - Christine Downing, Ph.D.

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Sunken Church Emerges from Water

The Temple of santiago

The Temple of santiago

This church emerging as the water recedes from a Mexican reservoir is similar to discovering the myths that lie buried deep in your unconscious. From CNN.com


Fairytales go back 6,000 years

Fairytales - a form of myth - are far older than previously thought.  Read more:

The stories we tell ourselves originate from stories told in our culture, and we learn these stories from a very young age. When we change the story, we change our possibilities.