“Jan’s knowledge coupled with her warmth, intuitiveness and fabulous skill set has always set her apart.”  — Denise Theobald


        Jungian Counseling

Whether you want to work through physical and emotional symptoms that are hampering your fullness in life or inspire others with your vision, I can help. Working together, we will access classic tales, mythologies, depth psychology, religious traditions, your dreams, and your own personal stories to understand the underlying forces at work and reveal the inspirational elixir that will move you forward.

My work has always been grounded in a deep understanding of somatic representations of the spiritual, emotional, and psychological state of wellness. Physical and emotional discomfort are simply a way our bodies communicate with us, letting us know something isn't quite right and needs addressing. 

Jungian depth psychology is a powerful tool for revealing the foundation of our discomfort. Together we examine language, symbols, dreams, and thoughts that may reveal buried patterns and beliefs dampening your full enjoyment of life.

Private sessions are 60 minutes long and can take place anywhere you like: in your home, at the park, even while walking. Being in a familiar setting that is comfortable for you can help with integrating this work into your daily life, as long as the setting is free from most distractions. 

Phone sessions, FaceTime, and Skype are also available.

Contact me to discuss what personal and private sessions might look and feel like for you.